The Indwelling Spirit of Biblical Christianity


The Indwelling Spirit of Biblical Christianity is not understood by many who claim to be Christian.  What about you?  Are you indwelled?

Application, Pondering and Takeaways:

The Holy Spirit of God indwells—lives within—all who confess and repent of their transgressions (sins against God and His commandments) and surrenders their self-humanistic will to allow Jesus Christ to become their Lord and Savior.  With the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, one becomes a temple of God and will become a beacon of light and hope for a fallen world.

The indwelling Spirit is God’s pledge that one belongs to Him and is now a son or daughter that will be renewed in Spirit to the likeness of Jesus Christ.

To come to Jesus Christ your heart must be receptive and willing to surrender.  You are at a point that I like to call, crawling in the gutter of life, and crying out to God—your creator—for help. Many crawl in the gutters of life but few cry out to God.  Those who do cry out will be called by God’s Spirit to Repentance if they are willing.

What is there to surrender, you may ask?  You surrender your self-will to do the things your way—the humanistic ways of man—and accept God’s way—death to the physical worldly desires to be reborn in the spiritual ways that God intends for man to walk. You cannot come to Jesus unless the Spirit of God draws you to Him.

You will know in your inner being that you are being called.  That inner voice will be calling and you must obey His call.  Once you step out in faith, your burdens will be lifted. Your physical conditions may not be transformed but your mental condition will be.  You will be reborn of the Spirit—the new-birth / newness of life—and your life in Christ will began.

Your new-birth is not a feeling.  It is total Spiritual Transformation.  You will be set free, but you will be at the beginning of your journey, a baby, and you must be filled with God’s Word—the Bible—and the need for fellowship, in a Bible Believing Church, with other believers in the faith.

To read, study and mediate on God’s Word is a necessity for the born-again believer in Jesus Christ.  It is as important, maybe more so, than food is to the body.  God’s Word nourishes the Spirit and feeds the Soul.  With Spiritual nourishing your soul will die to the human need to be filled by the fleshly desires of man.

Over time as you read God’s Word, the Holy Spirit will interpret passages that the Spirit knows you have need of for being His witness.  Your salvation is not for you alone.  You are to come out of the world of darkness and become a beacon of hope and light for those in the darkness.

As a born-again believer in Jesus Christ, you become a Spiritual temple of the creator God, a Spiritual member of the Body of Christ, and with all the other Spiritual followers of Jesus Christ you will become His Bride at the Marriage Feast of the Lamb prior to His Second Coming.  As it is written, “Greater is the Spirit in you then the spirit that is in the world—Lucifer, his angels and demons.”  You will have powers beyond that you feel you are able.  You will be persecuted, maybe martyred, for your witness.  However, God will never forsake or leave those who claim His name.

I am afraid that many who claim to be Christians are not indwelled by His Holy Spirit.  If you are not sure, talk with God.  He will answer you.

Let the lost of this world revile and persecute you. They do not know any better.

That is my thought for today, what is yours?

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