The Bible is the only “self-help” book man needs for life’s journey.

The Bible is the only “self-help” book man needs for life’s journey.

“Man without God will only continually seek to increase in wickedness and in the intent to do evil in the thoughts of his heart,” Genesis 5:6.

The Bible is the only “self-help” book man needs for life’s journey.  Within the pages of the Bible, from Genesis, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth,” to Revelation, “The grace of the Lord Jesus be with all,” can be found the Truth and Words of Life.

The casual or unbelieving reader cannot understand the inspired revelations presented in the Bible.  Why? Man’s unbelieving heart is dead to the spiritual realm of God.  Only with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit will God’s plan be revealed to those who have become His Sons and Daughters.  Man was created in the image of God—body, soul and spirit—and given self-will in determination to believe or disbelieve.

Man without God will only continually seek to increase in wickedness and in the intent to do evil in the thoughts of his heart, Genesis:5-6.  Thousands of years ago, man became so wicked that God grieved in His heart that He had given man self-determination. Today, as in the past, man has once again decided upon self-determination and to take it upon themselves to do “what is right in man’s eyes” rather than obey the Creator God.

God in His mercy provided a way for man to live in righteousness—in the light—rather than in unrighteousness—in the dark.  By placing his faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, man’s human nature can be controlled. Man can be born again with a righteous spiritual nature by the Indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

Man’s old nature does not simply go away, but it is buried under his new nature.  Man’s new spiritual nature becomes man’s dominate nature by replacing man’s old nature.  Man’s physical health resulting from bad habits, however, will remain unchanged.

Think about it this way.  Man’s years of smoking, drinking, gluttony, lust of the flesh and other acts of the humanistic nature (the natural, unregenerate man’s human desires), will not change with his new birth unless and until man’s human nature is replaced by the indwelling Holy Spirit.  What will change are the old “habits.”  If you smoke you can quit, if you are an alcoholic or drug addict, you can quit.  However, years of self-abuse cannot be changed and your diseases—cancers, cirrhosis, sexual transmitted diseases, cannot be undone.  STOP!  I do believe God is a miracle worker and any condition of the body can be reversed through the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit.

If you want to experience the New Birth you are going to have to cry out to God for help.  Your mental state will be such that you no longer have the desire to live as you are.  I call it crawling in the gutter of life.  At this point God will make His presence known.  If you will ask God for forgiveness and repent of your old ways and ask God to live in your heart, He will. Physical life will not become easier in itself, but your New Birth will give you a change in attitude and your new spiritual life will be made fruitful.

Man’s salvation cannot be found in keeping the law and doing good deeds and works.  Man’s salvation is found in Jesus Christ alone, God’s Son, who was the sacrificial lamb for all mankind who would believe. It, salvation, is a free gift to man obtained only by the mercy shown by God to those who have accepted the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ.  In Jesus Christ there is newness of life—a spiritual rebirth—that truly gives life.  Few have found this newness of life because of unbelief.

The true followers of Jesus—His Church—cannot be taken by the forces of darkness.  Their testimony gives light and hope to those lost in the darkness.

America has drifted into the darkness.  Although many cry out to God for another “Great Awakening,” I do not believe the people of America are ready to repent of their evil ways and thus a great awaking will not come. They will not repent because there is no thought that any wrong is being committed.

Cohabitation, abortion and deviant sexual immorality have become man’s new gods.  They are not new.  The lifestyle in which man seeks to find freedom are the old ways that were practice over 3000 years ago. Death will come to America and her people because the Creator God and His Words (the Bible) have been neglected and discarded.

The way of Caesar—let the reader understand—is a proven way of death to all nations that violate the “morality laws” of the Creator so beautifully summarize in His Big Ten. Again, let the reader understand.

Let me close with this warning: The time has come for the persecutions to begin for those living in America who claim—profess and possess—Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  But, be at peace for it is written, “Blessed are you when people insult you and persecute you, and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of Me,” Matthew 5:11 NIV.

Last year’s Supreme Court ruling by the “five Justices” against traditional marriage—one man and one woman—inspired President Obama to light up the White House with the “rainbow colors of the gay movement.” But, as Jesus said, “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s, Matthew 22:21.  God ordained covenant marriage as one man and one woman, but man has chosen Caesar’s way. It is in the Book, look it up if you are doubtful.

Man, however, has chosen to deny God in their humanistic belief that “There is no God” and thus the Bible, the only self-help book required for righteous living is rejected. Caesar reigns in America, and the American Christians remain silent!

That is my thought for today, what is yours?

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