Christian, Have You Read the Fine Print?


Christian, have you ever read the fine print? Your “free ticket” to heaven may be in jeopardy. Visit and


With a recent refill of a medical prescription drug I took time to glance over the pharmaceutical pamphlet that was provided and to read all the “fine print” of uses and cautions associated with the drug.  To not take or to discontinue taking the prescription as prescribed could lead to, in the case of this drug, a heart attack, stroke or even death.

I have been taking this medication for over ten years so to suddenly stop, according to my physician, could lead to severe consequences.  So, for the foreseeable future I’ll continue to take the drug as prescribed.  But, as in the case of some drugs and this one in particular, long term use could also lead to other physical or mental issue, “in some people,” yet to be made know the severity; in my circumstances there could be possible kidney or liver issues.

All this led to my pondering and wondering about eternal life, and the pondering questions, “Am I (or you) a child of God or am I (or you) a child of Satan?” came to mind.  Is there any “fine” print one should be aware of before that final “curtain call” the professing Christian should have been aware of or should have read?

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