Biblical Christian: Will you testify or will you deny the Faith?

Biblical Christian, will you testify or will you deny the Faith?

Consider if you will, my pondering thoughts on the current generation of people who call themselves Christians.  I would like, from my perspective, to make a distinction between “Cultural Christians” and Biblical Christians as follows:

  •  A Cultural Christian is someone who claims to believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Scriptures of the Holy Bible but does not possess Jesus Christ in his / her heart, does not totally believe in the Truth of the Scriptures, and does not possess the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. They, like the Pharisees and Sadducees of Jesus’ time, have the outward appearance of a religious people but inwardly still live in their natural flesh of worldliness. Cultural Christians represent upwards of 70-90% of today’s Christian Church membership.
  • Biblical Christians have truly accepted the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ and have allowed the Holy Spirit of God to indwell then. They believe in the inerrant and infallibility of the Bible—both the Old Testament and the New Testament (Man lived under Law in the Old Testament.  Man lives under Grace in the New Testament). They truly have found the salvation and forgiveness of sin Jesus provide them through His shed blood on the cross. They found God’s mercy and by faith live for God.

Where do you stand?  My recent blogs have been harsh and critical of the Biblical Christians who are sitting on the sidelines and who will not step outside their comfortable religious lives to speak out and stand up for what they truly believe.  I also have been critical of those who call themselves Christians but have compromised with the ungodly and have denied the faith.  Today I will once again try to gather my thoughts and write about the need and time to share the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ by those who claim Him.  Here we go.

How long will Biblical Christians remain quiet and allow a godless society to continue their campaigns of belittlement, intimidation and marginalizing assaults on them and their religion, beliefs and moral values?  Tell me Biblical Christian, what will it take for you to stand up and speak out? Do you want your children and grandchildren to grow up in a godless and immoral society? Are you one of those who are concerned about themselves more than they are concerned for others, including their family members?

Yes, Biblical Christians have a moral code from their Bible—a Bible they believe was divinely inspired.  Biblical Christians do not hate those who have beliefs different from theirs; however, they do not sanction sins that were declared by God to be abominations. All people are sinners and all sinners are loved.  Sin can be forgiven, but the forgiven sinner cannot remain in their sin once they have been forgiven.

The God of the Bible, the Bible in its totality, not a Bible of “truth and half-truth” that changes with the whims and traditions of man and his concepts of truth, is unchangeable and unalterable in its God ordained commandments and covenants. For a religious denomination to allow and sanction abominations declared sin in Biblical Scriptures and to call them noble and to adopt them as new “traditions” of its church’s doctrinal theology is Satanically inspired heresy.  Do you attend one of these apostate churches defined in the Biblical Scriptures, see the book of Revelation?  If so, just walk.  Find a fellowship of believers who believe as you do.

What more can or needs to be said.  You either believe in the Trinity—God the Father, God the Son (Jesus) and God the Holy Spirit—or you do not. Biblical Christians must testify of the Grace found in Jesus Christ. If Biblical Christians will not testify, they may be found “lacking,” in my opinion, at the Judgment Seat of Christ.  Are you willing to testify?

If you are truly a Biblical Christian or have just become one, please register and make a comment.  Your name will never be compromised nor will I forward or send you any correspondence unless you specifically ask. Also, please find a way to share the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are living in a world of satanic immorality, and we need to tell those who have never heard the Good News the Truth.  Will you join me?

Those are my thoughts for today, what are yours?

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