America in Decline: Will Hope and Freedom be only remembrances?

Scripture verse:

“There is a way which seems right to a man, But its end is the way of death,” Proverbs 16:25.


I could vote for Hillary in this coming election but then, I would have to slit my own throat.

Let’s Talk:

I’m just joking around about my voting and throat slitting.  In my mind it will not matter which candidate is victorious.  America’s future has already been determined; man’s humanistic thinking leads to the denial of the Creator God and that, my friends, leads to a society of people without hope or freedom.

I’ve written about this previously so I will not expound extensively upon the coming election and the candidates but only to note that so far it has been a saddening political state of affairs. The issues of our Nation’s future have taken a back seat to mudslinging, innuendo and blatant lies by both candidates, most media sources and both major political parties.

So let me ask you, how tight have you set your “media filter” to screen out all the “mind boggling trash?”  I have set mine very, very tight in this election year.  Otherwise, I believe I would go completely “insane” at the total insanity of the propaganda being poured out twenty-four / seven by all sources.

There is only so much one can take, and I am completely turned off by both candidates: Donald the “womanizer” in the “lineage” of Presidents Kennedy and Clinton, to name a few, and perhaps the celebrity Bill Cosby and all of “his women” that are coming out of their closets with accusations and of course, let’s not forget the “I’m sending them all home” speech; and Hillary the “liar, killer (“what difference does it make now” if people died testimony) and the chief supporter of all godless immorality backed by the Democratic Party’s platform of big government and “we have a pig-sty just for you” agenda.  Of course, I’m just throwing out words that I hear batted around the water cooler so don’t take any of this to heart. After all, none of this might be true.

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Because mankind, except God’s remnant, no longer accepts or believes in the TRUTH—there is a Creator God—they have exchange it, the TRUTH, for the LIE—the coming of a global ruler, a global economy and a global religion without the Creator God. Biblical prophecy, 2 Thessalonians chapter 2, describes a time when mankind will be given “a deluding influence” so that they will believe what is false and not TRUTH.  Look at America and the world and you can see, if you have not already been blinded and your mind closed to what is going on around you, where the world and mankind are headed.

Dr. Anthony George, Senior Associate Pastor of First Baptist Atlanta (FBA), preached a message entitled, “Let’s Get Together,” on Sunday, October the 2nd to the FBA congregation that I found refreshing and timely. His message was directed to Christians—both the Cultural (those who are unknowingly blind walking the broad path to destruction), and the Biblical (those with the indwelling spirit who are walking the narrow path to life eternal). If you are at all concerned regarding the future or even who to vote for in this coming Presidential election, I would encourage you to listen to his message by following this link:

Those are my comments for today.  I would be pleased to hear from you.

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