A “Primer” for First Time Readers

Many first time readers reach my blog posts from twitter: www.twitter.com/closetchristian. Some reach my blog from my “key chain” ministry.  Still other find me via various internet searches, word of mouth and so on and so forth.

A few, but not many, find my blogs offensive, intolerant, arrogant, homophobic or bigoted; those with such feelings “primarily” object to my Biblical Christianity belief; they are quick to let me know in what I refer to as “hate mail.”

Many in my readership, based upon those who register, do not find my blogs offensive but informative and spiritually insightful.  Overall there is about a fifty-fifty split between U.S. readers and international readers based upon those who register. My site is open for comments for those who choose to register and become “contributors.”  My email list is secure and is never sold or revealed to other sources. Whatever your view, I would challenge you to visit my web site, www.theindwelling.com, and after visiting, email me with your personal thoughts, comments or even a personal testimonial of your life’s journey.

I am not anyone’s judge.  I consider the contents of my writings and myself to be non-judgmental.  I do not discriminate nor do I believe or condone any acts of discrimination against any person no matter what race, sex, color, national origin, ethnicity, religion, age, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, Veteran status or any other status or condition protected by law. While this policy statement reflects my non-discriminatory ethical belief, I do believe I should be allowed to exercise my freedom to speak without prejudicial judgment with the words I choose just as I believe you also should be allowed the same freedom.

My ministry, The Indwelling Spirit Global Ministry, is built upon the “Rock,” Jesus Christ, and my Love for Him, His Church, and those He chooses to call. While I love all God’s creation, I do not accept, approve or condone the actions of those who choose to revile and reject God’s Son who gave His life, “that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

While my primary ministry is to proclaim the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ, I also consider myself a “watchman” that seeks to warn of dangers I feel are detrimental to the future of America.  In that light, I strongly believe that the United States of America and her people are in a death spiral of immorality and Godlessness because they as a Nation asked the Creator God to leave. Their actions have become like those of the past, present and in all probability, the future when mankind’s humanistic desire to plot his own pathway in life manifest itself.  History has shown, however, that man left to his own devices will only screw things up.  Look at what man is capable of doing in today’s America when Godliness is forbidden in the public square.

Our political system, Executive, Legislative and Judicial, is slowly being “fundamentally changed.” It must be remembered that President Obama, who promised this change, is only doing what he said he would do if elected so don’t blame Obama for doing what he said he would do. Obama’s “CHANGE,” however, is plagued not only by ineptitude but also by a socialist-humanist-progressive agenda of death—death to the America’s founding documents: The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and Bill of Rights.”

Fundamental Change is orchestrated, I believe, by a behind the scene, yet to be revealed, “elitist group” who controls the puppet figurehead—in this case Obama—and the Democratic Party supportive of: abortion and sexual immorality; a welfare society for those who choose not to work but to live off of the earnings of the productive; propaganda schools teaching a Godless curriculum of lies and distorted history;  more government power and taxation over its citizens; tolerance toward any religious belief except Biblical Christianity; “unfenced borders” allowing for the illegal immigration of some who pose a health risk (TB for instance) and have a criminal mindset (YES, there are those who seek work and wish only to make a good home for themselves and their families, but illegal aliens are illegal aliens.); unequal emphasis given to uneducated aliens to the detriment of the educated; illegal immigrant women welfare seekers having “citizens babies” thus paving a pathway for their family to follow  and enjoy the benefits of true citizens;  political correctness run amuck propagated by those who seek America’s destruction;  unbalanced budgets and indebtedness; and a belief in a one world government in which America would  become just another Third World country.  I could list other “values” of the Democratic Party, but I will stop as I am beginning to feel nauseated.

The Republican Party has also displayed its own ineptitude in its inability to “do right” by the American people. I do not believe, however, they are trying to fundamentally change America into a socialist welfare state as the Democratic Party is seeking to do. But, they are by no means guiltless and have been, in effect, condoning the Democratic Party platform through their silence and timidity of leadership.

In reality, the only way to save America will be for her people to repent of their iniquities and return to Godliness.  Unfortunately, that is not in America’s future.  America will not give up its sexual immorality, materialistic pleasures, drugs, pornography, abortions, greed, welfare, envy and her fear of political correctness.  Yes, most Americans of today are not willing to stand and fight as our forefathers fought to establish a new nation, “Under God.”  Look at our so called Christian churches.  They too remain silent and fail to stand for decency and faithfulness as servants of Jesus Christ.

The children of the nineteen hundred and sixties failed to impart Constitutional wisdom and knowledge to their children and likewise their children, unknowingly, failed to pass on to their children (the sixties’ grandchildren) truth about America’s greatness and her founder’s biblical wisdom and knowledge.

Honest debate with integrity holds no bounds for those who believe in America and her founder’s documents: The Declaration of Independence with its most recognized line, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness,” and the Constitution of the United States and Bill of Rights.

Fundamental Change is coming and with it will come anarchy, rebellion, fighting and looting in the streets of America. Where will you STAND during such a period is one you should ask yourself?

Please visit my site often.  I welcome both positive and negative criticism, and I am not afraid to admit that I may occasionally “get something wrong” that I need to correct.